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Ray Samurai
• 10/19/2014

super smash bros plush commander video

How to make Commander Video Plush

Body: Start with a sheet of cardboard 15" x 36".

Mark the lenght at 6", 12", 6" & 12" on both sides.

Fold the length of the sheet in 1 1/2" on each side. Cut the edge in at the marks to the fold line. 

Fold the lenght of the cardboard at the 6", 12", 6" & 12" to creat a rectangle scured the corners. Secure the corners with brass clips & glue where each corner meets with the other side.

Top: Cut rectangle sheet to fit the top

Arms: Cut two pices 1" x 3" and four 1" x 2" paint black or cover with black felt

Feet: Use the corner portion of a box for the feet. Cut two feet 2" in height with 1" x 2" that from the top appears to have an "L" shape.

Attach feet to bottom of rectangle on the center of the short side of the rectangle with brass clips and glue. Use a black pipe cleaner the pull the 2 feet together for support.

Body: Paint the body with feet black or cover with felt.

Attach arms to sides through the top with brass paper clipps

Glue top onto the body.

Face shield: Cut a 2" x 4" piece of felt and glue to face of the Commander and you are done.

i finally get it plushies do take a long time


commander video plush

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Ray Samurai
• 10/20/2014

Commander Video isn't a Nintendo game, and not major enough to join the cast (not the same class as Sonic and Mega Man). Nice job making the plush though!

• 10/20/2014
just do it please i want commander video to join the battle in super smash bros plush and some other videos
• 10/20/2014
and dr mario and tails need to join the battle in super smash bros plush too just please put them in super smash bros plush
• 10/20/2014

Commander video is a generic character, and he's not Nintendo. And don't use the excuse that Sonic, Mega Man, and Pac Man aren't Nintendo either. They are exceptions as they are such popular video game characters.

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