Bowser's Disguise
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Bowser's disguise
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Release date: August 30, 2014
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Wario and Waluigi's Super Adventures Ep. 3-5: Paradise?
ALS Ice Bucket Challenge - Marioluigiplushbros

"Bowser's Disguise" is a video on marioluigiplushbros. In the video, Bowser tries to kidnap Peach by dressing up as Mario.


In order to kidnap Peach, Bowser creates a Mario costume to fool her into thinking that he is Mario.


When yet another one of Bowser's plans to kidnap Princess Peach fails because of Mario and Luigi, he returns home to Bowser Jr., where he comes up with the idea to disguise himself. However, after he fails when he dresses up as a dog, he then decides to dress up as someone else. He then creates a Mario costume (which Bowser Jr. can't tell is Mario) and goes off to Peach's house. She believes Bowser when he claim's he is Mario, proceeding to take Mario to the salon. There, Daisy (after flirting with "Mario" to Peach's dismay) gives Bowser a new hairstyle, which Bowser shaves off soon after.

Peach then takes who she thinks as "Mario" to a clothes shop, to a massage place, and then back home, where she has a pillow fight with "Mario" and then plays a dancing game with him. Shortly after, they watch a soap opera (which Bowser unexpectedly gets hooked on) and go to a yoga class. There, Bowser snaps when Peach calls him fat, and throws his hat and fake mustache at her, showing his true identity. Peach then calls her guards (Toad, Yellow Toad, and Blue Toad) who chase after him. After Bowser is defeated, Luigi mistakes Peach (who Bowser's disguise has stuck to) for Mario.

Bowser then returns home, where he begins to watch the soap opera he saw earlier with Peach. Bowser Jr, who thinks that the soap opera is stupid at first, then gets hooked on the show like his father.



  • The idea for Bowser's Disguise originated in 2012, with a part of the early version being filmed, but never completed. This version eventually was uploaded to marioluigiplushbros2 shortly after the completed version being filmed.
  • This video was also intended to appear on MLPB video week that took place in 2013.
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