Here are a list of people who were atleast 3rd place in the MLPB Awards

  • Best Quote - Donkey Kong,Wario,Shadow,Bowser
  • Best Plush - Waluigi and Bowser,King Dedede,Yoshi,Donkey Kong,Baby Luigi,Lakitu
  • Dumbest Character - Sonic,Luigi,Goomba,Donkey Kong,Diddy Kong,Bowser,Wario
  • Most Failish Character - Waluigi,Toad,Bowser,Wario,Shadow
  • Strangest Character - Waluigi,Koopa,Shadow,Luigi
  • Smartest Character - Mario,Princess Peach,Luigi,Wiggler,Yoshi,Toad
  • Best Character - Luigi and Baby Luigi,Mario,Waluigi

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