Dr. Toucan
Dr Toucan
Character Information
Gender Male
Relatives Unknown
Friends Shadow, WALL-E, Sonic, Tails, Rico
Enemies Waluigi
Likes Game shows, cheese
Hates Waluigi
Occupation Doctor
Physical Appearance
Eye color Blue
Hair color Black, white, and yellow feathers
Clothing color None
First appearance Shadow's Stupid Adventures Ep. 2: Save Rico!
Latest appearance Shadow's Stupid Adventures Ep. 3: Dungeon Escape
Plush Player Plush Bro 1

Dr. Toucan is Shadow's doctor in Shadow's Stupid Adventures. He invited himself over Shadow's house for dinner, and enjoys "The $20,000 Pyramid", a game show. He has a very strange accent.

Dr. Toucan LikesEdit

Dr. Toucan HatesEdit


  • Cheese makes him constipated, but he loves it anyway.
  • Dr. Toucan is a Webkinz Toucan plush, who resembles Froot Loops mascot Toucan Sam.
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