French Fries are a food, usually from Wendy's, the Wario Bros and Sonic love. In Ep. 2 of Wario and Waluigi's Super Adventures, Waluigi said he would save his fries for later, but Wario stole them, then Sonic stole them from Wario. Sonic was the last one to have the fries, before they were finally eaten. They are often mentioned by Sonic because they give him explosive "french fry gas".


  • They were mentioned in Ep. 2-1
  • The fries are Wendy's Deep Cut Fries with Sea Salt.
  • In Ep. 2-7, a creature from the Negative World, that looks like a combination of Shadow and Shy Guy, gave the Wario Bros a french fry. Wario spit it out because it tasted "like negative".
  • in Wario and Waluigi's Super Adventures Ep. 3-2, Wario and Waluigi's clones bribe Sonic with french fries to join their team.
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