Quote Information
Gimme thumbs

Said By

Donkey Kong

First Appearance

"Welcome to our Channel!"


At the end of every MLPB and MLPB2 video since it first appeared.

"Gimme Thumbs!" is a quote said by Donkey Kong while giving a thumbs up at the end of every marioluigiplushbros and marioluigiplushbros2 video. It has became a signature part of MLPB.


  • The idea of "Gimme Thumbs" came from noticing that the Donkey Kong plush had visible thumbs that could be made to give a thumbs up.
  • One video that did not feature "Gimme Thumbs!" in any way was "Wario and Waluigi's Super Adventures Ep. 1-1", because it wasn't created at the time. However, in "Mario's Snake Attack!", it was only in the form of an annotation, and in "Wario Sings... 'Let the Good Times In'", it was accidentally muted (because all clips are muted in the Wario Sings... series).
  • It won the "Best Quote" award in the MLPB Awards.
  • In New Plush: Koopa, Koopa said Gimme Thumbs, but got hit by Donkey Kong
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