Koopa's Uncle
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Koopa's Uncle
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Release date: August 30, 2012
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Wario's Hamburger Chase
Wario and Waluigi's Super Adventures Ep. 2-7: Inside the Negative World

Koopa's Uncle is an MLPB video about Koopa and his uncle.


Koopa gets a visit from his surfer dude uncle, Troopa! However, something goes wrong at the beach.


Koopa is in World 1-1, waiting for Mario and Luigi to stomp on him. But then his uncle comes. Koopa invites Uncle Troopa to lunch.

Once they arrive home, Koopa and Uncle Troopa disscuss their lives since they have last seen each other. Uncle Troopa tells Koopa that he enjoys surfing. So they decide to take a trip to the beach to surf on some waves.

They are having a great time until a giant, "gnarly", wave hits. Uncle Troopa is slammed to the bottom of the sea, where he sees a Great White shark! Koopa decides to face his fears of water, and jumps in to save his uncle. He finds the shark trying to eat Uncle Troopa, and immediately takes action. Koopa kicks the shark out of the way, and after a few more attacks, the shark swims away.

Once they get back on the surfboard, Uncle Troopa tells Koopa that he will never forget him, and goes on his way to a surfing competition.

After saving and being with his uncle, Wario kept begging Koopa to teach him how to surf in order to impress Peach.



  • This was the first MLPB video to use green screen technology.
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