Luigi's Magic 8 Ball
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Release date: September 24, 2011
November 17, 2013 (reuploaded)
Video Chronological
Wario and Waluigi's Super Adventures Ep. 1-5: The Final Battle
Waluigi Loves Being Purple!'

"Luigi's Magic 8 Ball" is a video uploaded to Marioluigiplushbros.


Luigi finds a Magic 8 Ball which predicts that he will not get through the rest of day alive.


Luigi was digging through his junk drawer. He tossed Sonic and Legend of Zelda stuff out, and found a Magic 8 Ball. He found Mario and the two started asking it questions. Luigi asked if he could get through the rest of the day without dying. It replied, "My sources say 'no'". Luigi became scared as can be. Mario tried to prove that the 8 Ball was wrong by asking it if an alien will come out of his overalls (in which the 8 Ball says "yes"). Still, Luigi was worried.

Luigi pictured himself in a dark corridor. No one was there, but he heard a shrieking noise. He saw a Boo come float up to him. Its got closer and closer until...

Luigi woke up from his daydream. He knew he had to stop the curse, so he went to Koopa. Koopa explained that Luigi had an evil Magic 8 Ball, and that he had to destroy it to stop the curse. Luigi learned that taping it up would force the 8 Ball to implode, so he taped it up and left. Luigi went to Mario to tell him that the curse was broken. However, there was an alien in Mario's overalls! Mario's prediction was true after all!



The video was uploaded on September 24, 2011. Later in 2013, the video was deleted due to copyright. So, they decided to reupload the new one on November 17, 2013


  • The Magic 8 Ball actually came from a Wendy's Kids Meal a few years before the video was made.
  • In the "Gimme Thumbs!" for this video, Luigi found Donkey Kong in his junk drawer.
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