MLPB Christmas Special 2011: Saving Santa!
Marioluigiplushbros video
Video Information
Release date: December 29, 2011 (Part 1 and 2)
December 24, 2014 (Part 2 Reuploaded)
Video Chronological
Part 1:
Angry Birds Plush
Part 2 (Reuploaded):
Thanksgiving Special 2014: Thanksgiving at Grandma's
Part 1:
Mario's Sleigh Ride
Part 2 (Reuploaded):
Christmas Special 2014: How Wario Stole Christmas

"Christmas Special 2011: Saving Santa!" is the second Christmas special (after Christmas Special 2011: Wario on the Shelf") to be uploaded to MLPB.


Santa Claus is kidnapped by the Wario Bros, so Mario, Luigi and others try to save him.


Part 1 The video started where Santa Claus decided to go skiing on Christmas Eve before he delivers his presents. His guards, the Nutcrackers, decided to leave and go to a Burger Place, leaving Santa unprotected. Suddenly, Wario and Waluigi came out of nowhere and held Santa hostage at his workshop.

Meanwhile, Mario and Luigi were looking at their Christmas tree when they got a call from Wario, who was bragging about how he kidnapped Santa. They decided that they needed to rescue Santa and save Christmas. Soon after, they found Sonic sitting on the toilet. Since Mario and Luigi knew they needed all the help they could get, they recruited him to help them save Santa. Then, they found Baby Mario and Baby Luigi in their bedroom. They woke them up, and took the two with them. Finally, they found Koopa and Yoshi, who were also recruited for the cause. However, they still had one problem: they had no way of getting to the North Pole.

Part 2Edit

While thinking of ideas to the North Pole, Mario noticed some karts below where they were sitting. After they all got into one of the four karts, they drove to the North Pole. 

However, at Santa's Workshop, the Wario Bros had tied Santa up. Wario was playing a 3DS stolen from Santa's workshop, and Waluigi was playing with a claw machine. Then, Sonic burst in. Unfortunately, due to his friendship with the Wario Bros from Wario and Waluigi's Super Adventures, he turned to them. They all started battling, but Mario and his friends prevailed. While Santa thanked the Mario Bros and their friends, he claimed that the Wario Bros would definitely be on the naughty list. After the Wario Bros complained, he said that they might actually get something for Christmas. However, the next morning, Wario and Waluigi received Sonic for Christmas, which was the worst possible gift they could have gotten.




  • This was the first video in which the Plush Bros. used the Flip Ultra HD and Power Director 9. However, the first video to use a camera besides the webcam they started with was "A Peek Inside Wario and Waluigi's House", which was filmed with Plush Bro 4's phone.
  • The new Sonic plush, Baby Luigi plush, the Flip Ultra HD, and Power Director 9 were all Christmas presents from that year.
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