MLPB Shout Outs #2
Marioluigiplushbros video
Video Information
Video no.: 105
Idea by: MLPB
Voice cast: Plush Bro 1

Plush Bro 2
Plush Bro 3

Release date: August 29, 2013
Video Chronological
Mario's Pikmin Encounter
Sonic Day

MLPB Shout Outs #2 is the second shout out video on MLPB. Although the video mainly consisted of shout outs, Shadow soon arrived and announced that the fans would be allowed to choose how many episodes should be made in the series, letting the viewers comment for the first time since the MLPB Awards. After a week of voting, MLPB later announced in a bulletin that the fans had chosen that there would be 5 episodes total.

Shout OutsEdit

  • Steelxawesome
  • Steelxawesomecards
  • RandomVidPro1
  • MrTheMonsterB
  • Hau65
  • SuperWeegeeGaming
  • BlueBlockIsland
  • SuperMarioMovies1
  • HardcoreGaming Studios
  • LuigiandMario121
  • LuigiandMario121fun
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