MLPB St. Patrick's Day Special 2012: Luigi's Leprechaun Hunt
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Video Information
Release date: March 17, 2012
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Mario Hoops: Plush on Plush
New Plushes: Chain Chomp and King Pig!

"St. Patrick's Day Special 2013: Luigi's Leprechaun Hunt" is an MLPB video where Luigi takes Mario hunting for Leprechauns.


Luigi and Mario hunt for leprechauns.

Plot Edit

Luigi says it's St. Patrick's Day and is proud because he is wearing green, although he wears green everyday. Mario walks by and Luigi is shocked that Mario is not wearing green, but like Luigi, Mario is in the same suit he wears every other day. Then Luigi asks Mario if he even knows what St. Patrick's Day is. Mario replied with that it involves the Irish. Luigi corrects Mario that it's really about the Leprechauns. So he asks Mario to go hunting for leprechauns with him. Mario replies with a "sure," and they began their search for leprechauns.

Luigi looks in a tree. Then a Chain Chomp comes out and attacks Luigi. Then Luigi says to look in the bush. Like the tree, a Chain Chomp comes and attacks Luigi. Then, Mario says that there is a leprechaun sitting in a wreath in the grass. Luigi falsely corrects Mario and says that they don't hide in wreaths. Mario points to the Leprechaun hiding in the wreath, and Luigi is dumbfounded for a moment, then attacks. The Leprechaun tries to flee from Luigi on a Chain Chomp. So, Luigi leaves Mario behind, and chases after the Leprechaun. The Leprechaun is carried away by the Chain Chomp, with Luigi on their tail. Soon after, the Leprechaun's Chain Chomp bounces across the grass, and so does Luigi. Then, the Chain Chomp starts rolling away, causing the Leprechaun to get squished. Then Luigi rolls toward the Chain Chomp and grabs the Leprechaun. Luigi orders the Leprechaun to give him his gold, but he says that he is bankrupt. Then, Luigi screams in failure and the Leprechaun calls him a "wee poo". Then the Leprechaun proudly walks away. Luigi vows that he hates anyone who says "wee", but seconds later, Mario asks if he wants to play the Wii. Luigi kicks Mario away in anger.



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