Mario's Dirty Secret
Marioluigiplushbros video
Mario's Dirty Secret
Video Information
Video no.: 98
Release date: August 2, 2013
Video Chronological
Wario's Addiction
New Plushes: Magikoopa, Bulborb, Mega Man, and more!

Mario's Dirty Secret is the 98th video of Marioluigiplushbros.


Mario's strange habits are revealed to viewers.


When Mario walk around and sees a blanket. Then, he turned his head and sees a flower. Mario think the coast is clear. Then, he set up a hot tub. He bringing a coca cola can and put in the lip of hot tub. He turn on the hot tub buttons. Then, he turned the music on. Mario started to jump to the hot tub. Before he jumped it, he turned the pool button on for jiggling water. He started to jump to the hot tub nicely. Luigi walked to the hot tub and he's shocked that Mario was having a bath in hot tub. Then, hell fell down.


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