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April 14, 2012


Sonic challenges Mario to a three part battle with Luigi as the judge (and fails miserably).

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Mario, Sonic, Luigi, Audience

"Mario VS Sonic" is one of the most popular videos on MLPB


The video starts where Mario and Luigi are taking a walk. Then, Sonic comes out of nowhere and challenges Mario to a battle (where he incorrectly says he is the king of Nintendo). To make it fair, Luigi is appointed as a judge (and is given a comfortable judge's chair). The battle is separated into three parts: "Strength" (they will wrestle), "Speed" (they will race), and "Video Gaming" (they will play a video game starring either both or neither character).

First was "Strength". Sonic started to become confident, but Mario takes him down with ease. Next came "Speed". Since Sonic was mostly known for his speed, he thought this was a definate win for him. He sped through giant chairs, along a ramp, and down Luigi's judging chair. However, the course was just a straight path. So, while Sonic was going off course, Mario simply ran the path to get to the finish line first. Despite Mario's victories, Luigi announced that the winner of the "Video Gaming" competition will win everything.

When Mario, Sonic and Luigi looked through the games to find one, they settled on Super Smash Bros. Brawl. Mario played as himself, but since Sonic wasn't unlocked in the game, he played as Bowser. However, Sonic spent the entire time running off of the cliff, and Mario won the battle. In addition to the victory, he received a chocolate lollipop. The audience was thrilled, but the Katchina (who was rooting for Sonic) resulted to grovelling for forgiveness and a taste of the lollipop. Like everyone expected, Mario won in a landslide.


  • The video, along with "A Peek Inside Wario and Waluigi's House", "Waluigi's Banana Mayhem", and "Mario's Snake Attack", this video was filmed at Plush Bro #4's house.
  • Despite its release date, the video was filmed in January of 2012. Due to issues with editing, it was released 3 months later.
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