Marioluigiplushbros Wiki is a Wiki focusing on Marioluigiplushbros, a 24,000+ subscriber PlushTuber who makes Mario plush videos.


Before the Wiki's creation, Marioluigiplushbros created their YouTube channel on July 31, 2011. For those unfamiliar with the channel, they make Nintendo plush videos, mainly starring Mario, Luigi, Wario, and Waluigi. Their most viewed video is "Mario Gets Possessed!", which has amassed over 1,500,000 views, but they are most well known for their "Super Smash Bros. Plush" and "Wario and Waluigi's Super Adventures" series.

On September 26, 2011, the Wiki was created by MLPB, under the username, WaluigiTime!, which they used prior to the channel's creation. They later stopped using this account and switched to their new account, Marioluigiplushbros, to avoid confusion.

Since then, the Wiki has grown to host 250 articles and 642 images. They later added the user, AOFan, to the MLPB Wiki administration team, and are currently searching for new administrators to grow the Marioluigiplushbros Wiki.

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Active users 1
Total amount of articles 250
Total amount of edits 10,329
Total amount of files 642


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