Mushroom Kingdom Jail
MK Jail
Location Information
Owned by: The Mushroom Kingdom Police Department
General Area: The Mushroom Kingdom

The Mushroom Kingdom Jail (not to be confused with The Dreamland Jail) is a location seen throughout various MLPB videos. Frequent inmates here include Nabbit and the Wario Bros. Many people have been able to escape the jail.

Notable AppearanceEdit

Wario's Addiction 2Edit

In this video, Nabbit and Wario are caught for illegally selling slushies and are moved into the jail. They both try to escape, but Wario is the only one who is able to.

Mario Gets Framed!Edit

When Wario frames Mario for robbing a bank, Mario and Nabbit are able to escape from the jail, with Luigi supplying TNT. Eventually, Wario and Waluigi are caught and exposed as the real criminals, and end up in prison themselves.

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