Character Information
Gender Male
Relatives Unknown
Friends Wario, Mario
Enemies Blue Toad, Greninja, Blue Yoshi
Likes Slushies, Money
Hates Police, Jail
Occupation Slushie Dealer
Physical Appearance
Eye color Black
Hair color None Visible
Clothing color White Bib, Orange Shoes, White Gloves, Rabbit suit, Black pants
First appearance Wario's Addiction 2
Latest appearance MLPB Awards 2015 - 2016: RESULTS
Plush Player Plush Bro 3

Nabbit is a character who sold Wario slushies in Wario's Addiction 2. He was arrested, and, after he attempted to get out of jail, he was caught a second time. He once again tried to escape from jail, this time with Mario's help, in "Mario Gets Framed!"

Character RelationshipsEdit


Wario was Nabbit's main source of money, as he spent ridiculous amounts of money on slushies (up to $1,000 for the last one) In the end, after they were arrested, the two teamed up to break out of jail, with Nabbit working as the mastermind. However, when the prison escape begins, Nabbit is caught. Wario makes his escape, though.

Blue Toad, Blue Yoshi, and GreninjaEdit

Blue Toad, Blue Yoshi, and Greninja arrived at the scene when Wario was illegally purcchasing his last slushie. The three brought Wario and Nabbit to jail, where they decided to escape. But Blue Toad soon caught Nabbit as he was making his escape.

Trivia Edit

  • Nabbit's first appearance was in Wario's Addiction 2, but he has now become a much more major character since then, appearing in various MLPB videos.


"You caught me, you yellow-bellied fiend."
-Nabbit, Wario's Addiction 2
"Shh, I don't want the fuzz to know!"
-Nabbit, Wario's Addiction 2
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