New Plushes
New Plushes is a series where the Plush Bros. announce their newest plushes. The most recent episode was in 2013.

List of EpisodesEdit

  • New Plush: Wario!
  • New Plushes: Diddy Kong and Red Pikmin!
  • New Plush + Unboxing: Purple Pikmin!
  • New Plush: Koopa!
  • New Plush: Mr. Saturn + Halloween Contest Results
  • New Plush: Baby Mario!
  • New Plushes: Chain Chomp and King Pig!
  • New Plushes: Blue Yoshi and Yellow Toad!
  • New Plush: Toon Link!
  • New Plushes: Pink Yoshi and Tails!
  • New Plushes: Thwomp, Petey Piranha, Tanooki Mario, and more!
  • New Plushes: Tanooki Luigi and Blue Toad!
  • New Plush: Daisy!
  • New Plushes: Magikoopa, Bulborb, Mega Man, and more!
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