Series Information

First Episode

Plush Bro Battles! Ep. 1: Super Smash Bros Brawl (ft. RandomVidPro1)

First Ep. Date

Sep. 3, 2012

Last Ep. Date

June 12, 2013

No. of Seasons


Main Characters

Plush Bro #1, Plush Bro #2, Plush Bro #3


Plush Bro #4, Steelxawesome

 "Plush Bro Battles!" is a series where the Plush Bros (and other guests) battle each other in video games. It is on marioluigiplushbros2


  • Episode 1: Super Smash Bros. Brawl*
  • Episode 2: Mario Kart Wii: In this Plush Bro Battle, the Plush Bros played Mario Kart Wii. Plush Bro #1 played as Waluigi, Plush Bro #2 played as Koopa Troopa, and Plush Bro #3 played as Wario, and Plush Bro #4 played as Bowser. The first course was DK Summit. Plush Bro #4 fell off at the single gap jump  during all three laps and kept going the wrong way because it was his first time playing. Plush Bro #2 failed at the single gap jump once, but made it the other two laps. Plush Bro #1 was in the lead at first, but because of a blue shell, Plush Bro #3 won. The next course was Mushroom Gorge. Plush Bro #3 started the race in 1st, and continued in that pattern until he got hit by a blue shell, and Plush Bro #1 gained the lead. Toward the end of the race, Plush Bro #2 was about to get in 2nd, but Plush Bro #3 caught up with him, leaving Plush Bro #2 in 3rd. The 3rd course was Coconut Mall. Plush Bro #3 went on the wrong escalators on the 1st and 2nd laps, but on the 3rd lap he went on the right escalator. Plush bro 2 got zapped by a thunder cloud that slowed him down significantly for a short time. The cars near the finish line got in the way a few times and were very annoying to the Plush Bros. Unlike the Mushroom Gorge race, Plush Bro #2 got in 2nd, and Plush Bro #3 got in 3rd, with Plush Bro #4 in last. The last course was Rainbow Road. Plush Bro #1 was still unstoppable and the other Plush Bros never managed to catch up to him. Plush Bro #1 was hit by a blue shell, but still won the race. The overall score was 1st - Plush Bro #1, 2nd - Plush Bro #3, 3rd - Plush Bro #2 and 4th Plush bro #4.
  • Episode 3: Wipeout 2
  • Episode 4: Just Dance 2
  • Episode 5: Mario Party 8^
  • Episode 6: Wii Party (Spot the Sneak)*
  • Episode 7: Nintendo Land*
  • Episode 8: Just Dance 4
  • Episode 9: New Super Mario Bros. U 


"*" - The video features Plush Bro 4/RandomVidPro1

"^" - The video features SteelXawesome

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