Season 2016 is the sixth year of MLPB.
Season 2016
Thumbnail Name Date Series
Yoshi's Island: Thwomp Trouble Ep. 1: The Journey Begins 1/18/16 Yoshi's Island: Thwomp Trouble
Luigi's Monster 3/13/16 MLPB Shorts
MLPB Easter Special 2016: Waluigi the Apprentice 3/27/16 Holiday Specials
MLPB Update 5/7/16 5/7/16 New Plushes and Updates
The MLPB Awards 2015 - 2016: VOTING 7/1/16 The MLPB Awards
The MLPB Awards 2015 - 2016: LAST CHANCE 7/19/16 The MLPB Awards
The MLPB Awards 2015 - 2016: RESULTS 8/12/16 The MLPB Awards
Wario's Clown scare
Wario's Clown Scare! 8/26/16 MLPB Shorts
Luigi the artist
Luigi the Artist 9/17/16 MLPB Shorts
Return of the Ghosts
MLPB Halloween Special 2016: Return of the Ghosts! 10/30/16 Holiday Specials
Waluigi's Naughty
MLPB Christmas Special 2016: Waluigi's Naughty? 12/24/16 Holiday Specials
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