Shadow's Stupid Adventures Episode 3: Dungeon Escape
Marioluigiplushbros video
SSA Ep. 3
Video Information
Release date: February 28, 2014
Video Chronological
Mario and Luigi: Cow Trouble
Episode 2: Save Rico!
Wario's Bike

Shadow's Stupid Adventures Ep. 3: Dungeon Escape is the third episode of Shadow's Stupid Adventures. This episode is the video of Marioluigiplushbros.


After being defeated by Waluigi, Shadow and WALL-E are forced to find a way out of his dungeon.


Shadow threatened to call the police because of Waluigi;s brutal murder of Rico, in which Waluigi replies that he would throw him into the lava pit if Shadow called the cops. Shadow and WALL-E fight Waluigi, who soon knocks down Shadow. WALL-E then used his laser on Waluigi, but the attack had backfired, causing the robot to overheat. Waluigi throws WALL-E to the ground and knocks the two unconscious. Shadow and WALL-E wake up in Waluigi's dungeon. Shadow suggests that they should attempt to climb up the bricks, but Shadow lost his grip, and knocked down WALL-E as he fell. Soon, a Bob-omb comes with a fun-sized candy bar for lunch, in which Shadow happily eats. WALL-E notices the Bob-omb and searches for something flammable to light the fuse. He finds a match on the ground, and sets fire to the bomb. The Bob-omb explodes and Shadow and WALL-E escape the dungeon.


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