Shadow's Stupid Adventures Ep

Shadow's Stupid Adventures Ep. 1

The Shadow's Stupid Adventures theme song is the intro to every Shadow's Stupid Adventures episode. It features Shadow singing to the beat of the "Green Hill Zone" theme.


I am Shadow, and I'm awe-awesome

I love chicken and bubblegum

I have this guy called Sonic (Sonic says Hey)

who is the boss of me-ee

and we must fight against

despicable Waluigi

I have a tiny tai-ail

and I have spiky hai-air

and I am secretly wear-

-ing tight underwea-ea-ea-eaahhrrr


I am totally epic

and welcome to my epic show

it is cool and cheesy

like old pizza dou-ough

I love Chuck E. Cheese's

and Shadow's a creepy nag

and I hope you like this

because it's better than some old hag

Oh yeah...

ohhhh, oh yeah!

Oh oh oh ya

Oh oh oh oh yeahhhhhhh

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