Slushie Place
Wario at the Slushie Place
Location Information
Owned by: Presumed to be Flip and Flop
General Area: The Mushroom Kingdom

The Slushie Place, shown as a 7/11, is a convenience store where Wario used to go to in order to buy slushies. Flip and Flop used to work there, prior to the store's closing at the end of Wario's Addiction. In Wario's Addiction 2, Wario snuck into the now closed down Slushie Place, after escaping from the rehab center, where he gorged himself using the slushie machines.

Notable AppearancesEdit

Wario's AddictionEdit

In this video, Wario and Waluigi went to the Slushie Place to buy a slushie. From there, Wario got addicted and was even forced to go to rehabilitation. At the end of the video, the store was closed for unknown reasons.

Wario's Addiction 2Edit

In the sequel to Wario's Addiction, while Wario escaped from the Mushroom Kingdom Jail, he found the now closed down Slushie Place, and stayed there for shelter. While he was there, though, he found the still-filled slushie machines, and drank all of it straight from the machines. He eventually passed out and was discovered by Flip and Flop, who were closing down the store, the next day.

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