Smiling Skeleton
Smiling Skeleton
Character Information
Gender Male
Relatives Skeleton Wife
Friends Peach
Enemies Skeleton Frank, Dracula
Likes Peach
Hates Skeleton Frank, Dracula
Occupation Dueler
Physical Appearance
Eye color Green
Hair color None
Clothing color Orange and Black Hat, Purple Gloves, Orange Shoes
First appearance MLPB Halloween Special 2015: Mario, Luigi, and the Ghost
Latest appearance MLPB Halloween Special 2016: Return of the Ghosts!
Plush Player Plush Bro 1

The Smiling Skeleton, who is currently unnamed, is a dueler who killed Skeleton Frank, and was later fried by Dracula. He was revived in MLPB Halloween Special 2016: Return of the Ghosts!

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