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Section #1Edit

hey i have a idea if the character is not on the super smash bros plush episode 6 poll that should have the option to type in the character talk please

why are you guys making episode 7 of super smash bros plush eveybody want toad 01:33, January 3, 2015 (UTC)Jas173.2.126.119 01:33, January 3, 2015 (UTC) was your favorite movie and horror ?

Section #2Edit

Marioluigiplushbros this is SuperMario PlushKids! I SUBSCRIBE to your channel! Will you SUBSCRIBE to my channel and ask me a question so I can make a Q & A Video?

Section #3Edit

Hey guys plz fix the horrible spelling and grammar my iPad won't let me for some reason(or it's the wiki's fault..

Video idea: "Bowser jr's cereal"

Bowser jr gets hungry, so he looks a snack and he finds cereal. So he ate some cereal, but he wants some more, and more, and more. So he says to bowser: Buy me more cereal!!! But bowser says no because he ate all the cereal. And then, there is an apocalipse because of his cereal. Jeez, what a kid...

Subscibe to my channel! Cyrus Smoke

Mario does pot and luigi sets him straight

sighned urrectum

Q&A question: are you thinking of getting the NX when it come out?