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The Pet Show
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Video no.: 148
Release date: June 27, 2015
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"The Pet Show" is an 148th MLPB video which marks the first appearance of Polterpup.


The video you've been waiting for since Summer 2014 is now here! Who will win the Pet Show? Luigi and his Polterpup, or Waluigi and his Bulborb, Darrell? Or will it be someone else completely? Watch the video to find out!


The video begins with Mario playing Mario Kart 8. Then, Luigi asks Mario to have a Polterpup as Luigi's pet. Mario accepts and Luigi goes outside to play with Polterpup while Waluigi looks outside the window and asks Wario if he could get a pet. Wario says no and tells Waluigi that he has a pet rock, which Waluigi replies that he died. Then Waluigi walks through the woods and then a Bulborb attacks him and Waluigi decides to have him as his pet, in which he names Darrell. Waluigi then asks Wario if he can keep Darrell in which he replies no. Then, Darrell attacks Wario and then he says yes. Then Waluigi rides on Darrell and then bumps in to Luigi who is walking his Polterpup. Then, Luigi shows of Polterpup off to Waluigi and tells him that Polterpup was entered in the Mushroom Kingdom Pet show. Then, Waluigi decides to enter Darrell in the Pet show. Then, at the pet show, Luigi gets a look at the competition. Then, the Judges look at every pet. Then, Darrell attacks the competition and then decides to tell Waluigi that he wants to be free. In the end Hank is the winner of the pet show



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  • The teaser incorrectly says 2014 instead of the expected release, 2015. This is likely because of its delay.
  • The airdate incorrectly says August 2015 instead of the expected release, June 2015. This is likely because of its delay.
  • This video marks the first appearance of Polterpup
  • 1 year later,fellow Plushtuber SuperMarioLogan made a video of the same name.