Super Adventures - Star

Sprite of the star, used in the titles of Ep. 2-5

The Star is a powerful item that the Wario Bros found in Wario and Waluigi's Super Adventures Ep. 2-5 after it fell out of the villans treehouse. The group fights over the magical star, but Flop trips and the villains get it back! The Wario Bros hear that King Dedede got the Star again, so they go out on a journey for it. However, they are captured by Meta Knight and King Dedede! The Star makes a reapperance in Wario and Waluigi's Super Adventures episode 3-3, where Wario takes The Star and hides in his pocket so no one will know that he has it.


- The owners of the star include :

Mr. Giraffe



King Dedede

The WWSA Group

King Dedede (again)


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