The Treehouse
Location Information
Owned by: The Plush Bros.
General Area: The Mushroom Kingdom

The treehouse is a fort built in a tree next to the Wario Bros' house.

Notable AppearancesEdit

Waluigi's Popular?!Edit

In this video, Waluigi jumped from the treehouse in a game of "Truth or Dare" with Wario. He ended up being noticed by Toad and Yoshi, and became popular due to his so-called bravery.

MLPB April Fools Day Special 2012: Wario's April Fools Prank Edit

In the 2012 April Fools Day Special, Wario tricked Waluigi into bending down to grab a quarter on the edge of the treehouse, and pushed him off the treehouse while he wasn't looking. This marked the second time Waluigi fell down the treehouse.

MLPB Easter Special 2012: Hidden BasketsEdit

In this video, Bowser used the treehouse as his lair, since he rented his castle to Shadow. Bowser was thrown off the treehouse by Mario, with Bowser Jr. and Koopa being defeated by the Easter Bunny and Luigi respectively.

Luigi the ArtistEdit

At the start of this video, Bowser was seen in the treehouse, holding Peach captive. Mario and Luigi jumped up the treehouse, and finally, Luigi knocked Bowser off the treehouse. Mario, however, got all of the credit, much to Luigi's dismay.

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