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  • Marioluigiplushbros

    Hey guys! We figured that since we have been getting a lot of questions on the "MLPB Idea Suggestions" post that we might as well create a thread that is completely devoted to questions. Keep in mind that this does not replace MLPB Q & A videos, and we will still be making those! Anyway, if you have any questions that you want answered, ask away!

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  • Marioluigiplushbros


    March 7, 2016 by Marioluigiplushbros


    😀 😬 😁 😂 😃 😄 😅 😆 😇 😉 😊 🙂

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  • Marioluigiplushbros

    Hey guys! We're currently experiencing some technical difficulties that won't let us respond to your comments. Basically, whenever we try to answer questions on the "MLPB Video Ideas: Suggestions?" blog post, our comments are not posted. We've tried over and over, to no avail. Please do not think we are ignoring you. This glitch is preventing us from actually talking to you guys on that post. Sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused! - Marioluigiplushbros (talk) 14:30, October 12, 2015 (UTC)

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  • Marioluigiplushbros

    Do you have an idea for an upcoming Mario plush video to be uploaded to MLPB? Post it in the comments below, and we may consider it for a future video!

    RULES: Video ideas must be...

    - completely appropriate.

    - not part of a series (we have the story arcs for series already planned out)

    - have to do with our channel theme (NINTENDO plush videos, mostly Mario)

    - [edit] and not have to do with the Five Nights at Freddy's franchise.

    UPDATE 10/14/15

    Sorry for not responding to your questions! Here's some elaboration on why we're not able to reply to you guys:

    UPDATE 11/14/15

    Well, for some reason we'r…

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  • Marioluigiplushbros

    What did you think of Marioluigiplushbros in 2014? Make sure that you vote in the poll on the MLPB Wiki's homepage. Here's what WE thought of our year overall!

    2014: We'd say it was great year for us, we're surprised we were able to release so many new videos, and that a majority turned out so well! Maybe we did make too many Wario videos though. Here's some highlights (in our opinion) of 2014.

    1) Sonic the Snowman

    2) Luigi's School for Disgruntled Children

    3) The Mario Show

    4) Wario's Secret Club

    5) Wario's Addiction 2

    6) Bowser's Disguise

    7) How Wario Stole Christmas

    Tell us what you think were our best videos this year!! We'd love to hear your opinions!

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