Do you have an idea for an upcoming Mario plush video to be uploaded to MLPB? Post it in the comments below, and we may consider it for a future video!

RULES: Video ideas must be...

- completely appropriate.

- not part of a series (we have the story arcs for series already planned out)

- have to do with our channel theme (NINTENDO plush videos, mostly Mario)

- [edit] and not have to do with the Five Nights at Freddy's franchise.

UPDATE 10/14/15

Sorry for not responding to your questions! Here's some elaboration on why we're not able to reply to you guys:

UPDATE 11/14/15

Well, for some reason we're able to respond to your questions again! :D

UPDATE 8/28/16

Since we've been getting a lot of questions on this blog post, we created an entirely new post for questions! Here's the link:

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