Waluigi's Journey to the Center of the Earth
Marioluigiplushbros video
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Video Information
Video no.: 104
Idea by: MLPB
Voice cast: Plush Bro 1
Release date: August 27, 2013
Video Chronological
Mario's Death
Mario's Pikmin Encounter

Waluigi's Journey to the Center of the Earth is the 104th video of Marioluigiplushbros.


Waluigi randomly decides to dig a hole, and hits the center of the earth! After falling in, he discovers a secret civilization of elephant people who hold him for hostage.


the video starts off with Wario watching TV. Waluigi comes and tells Wario he's not watching TV, but Wario says he is watching TV, but not a show on TV. Waluigi tells Wario that he's going to dig a hole, and leaves. at a forest, Waluigi is looking for a place to dig a hole, and eventually finds a good spot. a few moments later, Waluigi has barley made a hole. Waluigi then sees a stick of dynamite, and uses it to make a hole. Waluigi then lights the fuse, and the dynamite explodes. Bowser then appears from a tree, disappointed that the dynamite that he try to use to blow up Mario has explode, and decides to get another one. seeing the enormous hole, Waluigi decides to go tell Wario, but then loses his balance, and falls into the hole, eventually landing in a lava environment. a group of Orange Elephants capture Waluigi and take him to a prison.

back with Wario, Wario wonders where Waluigi is, and decides to go find him. Wario finds the hole Waluigi made and, thinking he went to China, goes into the hole. at the Center of the Earth, Wario notices one of the orange elephants, and takes a picture of it, and ends up in prison with Waluigi. after Waluigi explained to Wario that they are in the Center of the Earth, an orange elephant gives them baked beans. Waluigi gets an idea, he gives Wario the baked beans, which makes Wario pass explosive gas, destroying their cell. Waluigi and Wario escape, and Wario eats the rest of the baked beans, passing explosive gas, and shooting him and Waluigi back to the surface. Sonic notices the hole, when suddenly, Wario and Waluigi blast out of the hole, while also knocking Sonic into it. now back in the surface, Wario and Waluigi decide to go on a vacation, with Wario suggesting China. Sonic, now trapped in the Center of the Earth, is now being attacked by the orange elephants.



  • This video was the 5th part of the MLPB Video Week. On MLPB week, MLPB uploads one video each day.
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