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Release date: August 6, 2014
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"Wario's Addiction 2" is a video on MLPB and a sequel to "Wario's Addiction."


Wario becomes part of the illegal slushie market.


The video begins with Wario and Waluigi going on a walk. Wario spots a penny nearby an alley, and leaves to grab it. However, upon finding it, he runs into Nabbit, who illegally sells slushies. Wario buys one, but then realizes that he must hide it from Waluigi. Waluigi, who is suspicious, attempts to look, but Wario instead hits it away (accidentally hitting Mario in the process) and runs back home.

The following day, Wario goes on a "walk" (and bribes Waluigi with ice cream to prevent him from getting suspicious again,) and buys another slushie. The price continually increased as Nabbit's inventory decreased, leading to the final slushie costing $1,000. However, before the purchase is completed, the police (Blue Toad, Blue Yoshi, and Greninja) and Sonic, (pretending to be a policeman) catch the two, and they are arrested.

Following the arrest, Wario and Nabbit plan an escape by stealing Blue Yoshi's keys. They manage to break out, but Nabbit is caught in the process. With nowhere else to hide, Wario sneaks into the abandoned slushie store, where he realizes that the slushie machines are still functional. So, he indulges himself with slushies, only to be found by Flip and Flop (who came to clear out the closed store.) Wario then passes out, and, after a trip to the hospital, he is returned to Waluigi. However, shortly afterwards, the police return to catch Wario again.


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  • Both this video and the original Wario's Addiction were released long before SuperMarioLogan's "Bowser Jr's Addiction". So before anyone goes saying that this is a copy, it is far from it.
  • Prior to the uploading of the video, a drawing by Plush Bro 2 was posted on DeviantArt as a teaser.
    Wario's Addiction 2

    The hand-drawn teaser released prior to the video

  • The video is the first sequel (not counting series episodes) ever made by MLPB.
  • The video is the first to feature Nabbit.
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