Wario's Club
Wario's Club
Debut in Wario's Secret Club
Affiliation Wario Bros.
Leader Wario
Members Shy Guy
Meta Knight
Blue Bear
Purple Bear
Petey Piranha
KK Slider
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Wario's Club is the club founded and led by Wario.


Wario and other people are huddled around a candle, and Wario begins to say a few words about the holy fire. Waluigi doesn't think much of this, and says his criticism for the candle worship aloud. Wario suddenly turns to discover his brother. Wario is stunned because Waluigi had already broken the two most important rules of his club (walking in on a meeting and questioning the sacred candle). Waluigi once again openly speaks out against the candle to Wario's dismay. In order to punish Waluigi, Wario throws a handful of knives at Waluigi, as he is pinned to a wall.

Having survived the knife attack, Waluigi is in great danger when Wario "sic"s a primordial, sword-wielding Shy Guy on him. Waluigi manages to escape from the evil club member.

It's not over yet, however. A security guard member of the club reminds Wario of the special ritual surrounding the criminal offenses mentioned earlier. Wario succumbs to the ritual and sits on Waluigi's head. While on his brother's head, Wario breaks wind all over Waluigi's face, causing him to pass out.

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