Wario's Kitchen
Wario's kitchen
Location Information
Owned by: Wario and Waluigi
General Area: Mushroom Kingdom

The Kitchen is the Wario Bros prepare food, and most of all, eat. Koopa invaded it once and destroyed Wario's fridge. The kitchen used in 2011 has since been switched to the Plush Bros' actual kitchen, as shown in the infobox picture.

Notable AppearencesEdit

Wario and Waluigi's Super Adventures Ep. 1-2Edit

In this video, Wario went to his kitchen to eat some french fries. He was interrupted by Koopa, who notified Wario about Waluigi's kidnapping, and destroyed his refrigerator in the process.

MLPB Thanksgiving Special 2015: A Very Wario ThanksgivingEdit

In the 2015 Thanksgiving Special, Wario and Waluigi looked for food in their refrigerator, only to find none. So, while Waluigi went to Target to try to buy a turkey, Wario tried to cook using the little food in the kitchen. This resulted in him setting the kitchen on fire, though not burning it down completely, apparently, since it appears in various videos after this.

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