Wario's Movie
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Wario's movie
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Idea by: MLPB
Release date: September 12, 2014
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Wario's Movie is the video uploaded to Marioluigiplushbros.


After seeing a horrible movie, Wario and Waluigi decide to make a movie of their own.


The Wario Bros. are watching "Koopnado", and after finishing it, they think that it is absolutely horrible. Waluigi says that they would be able to make a better movie themselves, which gives Wario an idea. After going to sleep, they begin progress on their own movie by stealing Mario's camera. They then hire Koopa to play a monster in their upcoming movie. They film the movie, Wario edits, and finally, they put it in the mailbox for a producer's approval. The final title of it is confirmed to be "Wario's Moovee :)"

The Koopnado producer sends back their movie with a note attached, stating that it was the worst movie they've ever seen. Wario, Waluigi, and Koopa set out to prove that their movie is great, and much better than Koopnado, so they open up a limited viewing to ensure that their movie is successful.

The viewers arrive to Wario's house, and it begins to seem like their movie may actually be a success. The chairs set up in their living room are completely packed, so Wario turns on the movie.

The movie starts out with Waluigi swimming underwater, when Koopa (the monster) attacks him. Wario goes out to save him, and knocks Koopa over. They then begin to wonder why Wario is single, while text appears on screen telling the audience that he is indeed single, and would appreciate being called.

Wario and Waluigi turn around to discover that the audience has left due to the poor quality of the movie. They agree that filmmaking might not be the best occupation, and then turn to music, leading to the Wario Sings series.


  • Koopnado is a parody of Sharknado.
  • Wario's movie is on a cassette tape, which, at this point, is completely outdated.
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