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Wario and Waluigi's Super Adventures is a series about the two Wario brothers, Wario and Waluigi, and their friends. There are three seasons, the first with five episodes, the second with eight episodes, and the third with seven episodes. The series began in 2011 (the first episode airing on the day the channel was created), and ended in 2017.

Season 1Edit


Everything after this point contains spoilers! If you do not want to see these spoilers, skip past this area.

Ep. 1-1: The Fight for the Cookies Edit

Wario and Waluigi are eating cookies. Then Waluigi says that he was "the smart one". Wario started calling Waluigi dumb, and they started to fight. Soon, Sonic came and started making fun of them for fighting over a box of Chips Ahoy!. The Wario Bros then teamed up and beat up Sonic.

Ep. 1-2: The Waluigi Caper Edit

Wario and Waluigi go to bed after a delicious meal of Wendy's (Waluigi saves his french fries for later). Later that night, two frogs (one green and one red) sneak into the Wario Bros' house, and kidnap a sleeping Waluigi. Wario later wakes up from a dream about tacos to find that Waluigi is gone. He thinks that Waluigi probably is already up and about ("doing something weird"), and thinks nothing of the strange disappearance. Wario then goes downstairs to eat Waluigi's fries for breakfast. But by his refrigerator, he sees Koopa, who has a dire message for Wario. He tells Wario all about Waluigi's kidnapping, and sends him off to save his brother. After a long and tiring journey, he finally reaches an evil lair, where Waluigi has been held hostage. He sees the two frogs, Flip and Flop, but knows that they must have a leader. That leader steps out of the shadows and reveals himself as Sonic the Hedgehog, who is still angry at Wario Bros for beating him up the episode prior. Sonic then forces Wario to hand over the french fries, or he will never see Waluigi again. He reluctantly gives Sonic the fries, and the episode ends with Wario screaming in horror at the sight of his french fries being devoured by Sonic.

Ep. 1-3: Sonic's Shadow Edit

Sonic says that Part 1 of his plan is done, and now, all he has to do is create Shadow. With a Shadowball (sort of like a Pokeball, but it creates one Shadow the Hedgehog, not a Pokemon), he creates his partner in crime, who is more powerful than him. When Sonic calls Shadow a knucklehead, Shadow loses his temper and beats up everyone, throwing them all to the ground. Suddenly, Koopa arrives to save the day. He knocks out Shadow, and then the group goes out to lunch to discuss their plan.

Wario, Waluigi, Sonic, Flip, Flop, and Koopa resolve to set their differences aside and become a team to defeat Shadow. After lunch, they encounter Shadow again, and a fight breaks out. The group runs away to Professor E. Gadd's lab, where they find a time machine. They decide that they can't defeat Shadow by themselves, so they need to use a different approach: going back in time to stop Shadow from being created.

Ep. 1-4: Race Against Time Edit

Wario, Waluigi, Sonic, and Koopa went back in time, but left Flip and Flop at present time, just in case anything were to happen. As soon as they left, though, something horrible and mysterious happened to Flip and Flop - someone approached them, causing them to scream, with the screen soon turning black.

Meanwhile, Wario, Waluigi, Sonic, and Koopa landed where Wario was when he tried to jump to the Evil Lair in Episode 1-2. They then suddenly realized that they only had a few seconds left until the Time Machine would leave without them. They ran to the Time Machine, but nobody was able to make it there in time. They were stuck in the past.

Once they made it to the Evil Lair, they knocked out everyone they saw except for Past Wario and Past Waluigi, because they would be eyewitnesses. They also found the Shadowball, to destroy when they got back to present time. Soon they left to go to Professor E Gadd's lab in the past. They decided that if they would use the past time machine, their past selves would be stuck there. So they decided to build their own time machine. After a short montage, the time machine was done. They hopped in and left for the present. But they soon realized that they had mistakenly left the Shadowball in the past!

Ep. 1-5: The Final Battle Edit

Without the Shadowball, they would be forced to face Shadow head on. They jumped in to Shadow's Rainbow Lair where they found out that Flip and Flop had been hypnotised! Soon, Shadow additionally kidnapped Sonic and Koopa, so now Wario and Waluigi were alone.

Shadow later challenged them to a duel, and teleported all of them to Coolsville, where they met the characters from Scooby Doo. All of the characters ran away terrified, because what they called "The Ghost of Shadow the Hedgehog" was coming. The Wario Bros were scared until they realized it was simply regular Shadow. Shadow however changed his mind, and decided that Coolsville was a really bad place for a battle, so they teleported to Bikini Bottom, where all the Spongebob characters live. Wario, Waluigi, and Shadow agreed that this place was just as bad as Coolsville, so they teleported once again.

This time, they found themselves at Final Destination, a stage from the Super Smash Bros. series. They finally agreed that this was a good place to fight. Shadow finally arrived, and grabbed Waluigi. Wario became enraged that Shadow kidnapped Waluigi, and attacked Shadow using all his force. Shadow surrendered soon after, and Wario's team had finally won. Sonic and Koopa were freed, Flip and Flop were reverted to their normal selves, but now, Shadow was turned into Sonic's mortal slave.

Season 2Edit

Ep. 2-1: Welcome to DreamlandEdit

The new season starts with Wario and Waluigi returning home from their battle with Shadow. To celebrate their victory, the Wario Bros. decide to go to Wendy's for some french fries. However, they soon took a wrong turn, and despite Sonic attempting to warn them, fell off a cliff.

The Wario Bros. survived their fall, and landed in Dreamland. After spending some time complaining about their injuries, the Wario Bros. meet Kirby, a pink puffball who is eager to help them. Wario is excited that he gets to meet Kirby, the star of some of his favorite video games.

Meanwhile, King Dedede plays Wipeout: The Video Game. Waddle Dee interrupts his gameplay, and told him that Kirby was back in town, and he has brought friends with him. The duo immediently jumps into action, and fought Wario, Waluigi, and Kirby. The Wario Bros and Kirby tricked Dedede and Waddle Dee, leaving the battle scot-free. The villains begin to think of a backup plan.

Ep. 2-2: The Backup PlanEdit

At the beginning of the episode, Wario explains that he wants to get something to eat, so the group decides to leave for Grey Castle (basically White Castle, only grey). They are able to walk into the castle with relative ease, despite Wario getting stuck in the door. Kirby has some suspicions about the place, though, and questions if it is really a restaurant.

Meanwhile, King Dedede tries to find a person who can work for him as an assassin. This is a task that he has had lots of trouble with, and he is beginning to get frustrated with the lack of job applicants. He soon gets a call from Meta Knight, though, who during the job interview, is completely silent. Dedede is clearly disappointed that Meta Knight has refused to answer any of his questions, but decides to hire him anyway, out of desparation.

Later, the Wario Bros. and Kirby are looking for someone who they can place their order with, and see Meta Knight, who they assume works at Grey Castle. They ask him for their meals, but Meta Knight instead attacks Wario. He then chases them across the castle, and during the chase, The Wario Bros. meet Sonic again. After finally escaping Meta Knight, they decide to ask Sonic what he is doing in Dreamland. Sonic explains that after the Wario Bros. ran him over, he went to a Phillies game, where he purchased the hat he was currently wearing. He then told them that he came to the castle because he smelled french fries.

The group soon comes to the realization that the restaurant is not actually Grey Castle, but rather King Dedede's fortress. They flee the castle quickly.

Ep. 2-3: Double CrossEdit

Wario, Waluigi, Sonic, and Kirby discuss what to do about Dedede's growing army, which now includes Meta Knight. To combat the issue, Sonic decides to let his servant and previous enemy. Shadow. join the crew.

Meanwhile, King Dedede, Meta Knight, and Waddle Dee prepare to ambush Wario, Waluigi, Kirby, and Sonic, using the help of his mysterious, new spy. So, they attack the heroes while Shadow supposedly goes to the bathroom, escape, and attack Flip, who was wandering nearby. Soon after, Shadow returns, and Sonic punishes him for not helping fight off Dedede. However, Shadow reveals to the group that he was the spy helping King Dedede, and runs off. So, the rest search for Dedede and Shadow's hideout online, and find that it is in The Forbidden Forest.

Ep. 2-4: The Forbidden ForestEdit

The group heads into the Forbidden Forest and find Koopa. He is scared at first ("Kirby just creeps me out!"), but joins the cause to defeat Dedede. They end up looking rugged, and Wario accidentally uses a branch as a slingshot. As he is flung far away, Flip runs looking for help and finds Flop. Before you know it, Wario lands near the two frogs, and he tells them the story. So, they look for the rest of the group. Meanwhile, Waluigi, Kirby, Koopa, and Sonic find a treehouse and take a break. Then, Sonic jumps out, and the rest follow. Meanwhile, King Dedede and his crew train to protect a special, magical star that Dedede owned. However, the star falls off its pedestal that Meta Knight made. Nearby, Wario, Flip, and Flop are losing hope when they come across Waluigi, Koopa, Kirby, and Sonic sprawled across the ground after they jumped out of the treehouse. They group hug, and then Dedede's magical star is blown to them by the wind. "This should be interesting!" says Wario...

Ep. 2-5: The Search For The StarEdit

The group sits around the Star. Flop thinks he knows what the Star is. He tells a story about his ancestors. It goes like this - A mad scientist named Mr. Giraffe plans to create the most powerful star of all stars. But he then finds the most powerful star sitting right in front of him. He drops it, and it's found by a young frog named Flap. He took the Star and loved it until he passed away. His grandson, Floop discovers to his demise, that his grandfather is lying dead on the ground. But then he sees the Star next to his grandfather's body. Floop was very greedy and needed money, so he sold it. Legends say that he sold it to an evil villain, but nobody knew. And the Star was never heard from again. But somehow Wario, Waluigi, Flip, Flop, Sonic, Koopa, and Kirby had found it. But Sonic gets greedy and takes the Star. Then the whole group goes on a rampage trying to steal the Star from each other. But Flop trips and the Star flies out of his hands and on to the ground. But then, Waddle Dee finds the Star lying on the ground. He takes it and brings it back to King Dedede. The Wario Bros. hear the news about King Dedede getting the Star. They have to go out and get the Star. Flip, Flop, Koopa, Sonic, and Kirby are too scared to go, so the Wario Bros head out on their own to get the Star. Then King Dedede, Meta Knight, Shadow, and Waddle Dee see the Wario Bros trying to get to their layer. He sends Waddle Dee and Shadow to go to war with the Wario Bros. Using the gun that Meta Knight had given to Dedede in Ep. 2-3, they head out and almost shoot the Wario Bros. Wario sees if there's anything useful in his pocket, and luckily, there's a giant machine gun in his pocket. Stupidly, the Wario Bros throw it to Flip, Flop, Sonic, and Kirby to defend themselves. But now they have nothing to defend THEMSELVES with. Waluigi tries to find something useful, but the most they find is a stick. But then Wario gets shot in the behind by Shadow. Waluigi knocks him onto the ground with his stick, and they get closer to Dedede's evil lair. King Dedede comes up with another backup plan. The Wario Bros reach the lair, but can't get past a slide in front of the castle. Meanwhile, the war gets worse at Kirby, Sonic, Flip and Flop. Waluigi throws Wario up the slide, so Wario's up. Wario takes out the stick and tells Waluigi to hang onto it. He pulls Waluigi up. King Dedede and Meta Knight are prepared for their arrival though. They have a Nutter Butter for Wario, and King Dedede takes Waluigi's stick and puts it next to the Nutter Butter. They can't resist, and try to get the Nutter Butter and the stick. But Meta Knight traps them under a bucket. Could this be the end of the Wario Bros?

Ep. 2-6: Dedede's DownfallEdit

King Dedede celebrates that he had successfully kidnapped the Wario Bros. Shadow and Waddle Dee return from the battlefield because it looks to them that Kirby, Sonic, Koopa, Flip, and Flop have finally backed down. King Dedede calls his minions "lowly servants", which angers Meta Knight, But little do they know, Kirby and the rest have already started their journey to save the Wario Bros. But Waluigi thinks that they don't have a chance of being saved. Wario disagrees. He thinks that the group is smart enough to help release them. Soon, Wario comes up with an idea. He trips King Dedede with Waluigi's stick. However, the plan backfires and Meta Knight pushes King Dedede off the lair. Waddle Dee annoys Meta Knight, who soon throws Waddle Dee off the lair. Shadow does not want to be Meta Knight's minion, so he jumps out of the lair. Meanwhile, Kirby, Sonic, Koopa, Flip, and Flop reach the lair. on the ground next to the lair, they fight with King Dedede, Shadow, and Waddle Dee. They are defeated, and the group embarks all the way up into the evil lair. They release Wario and Waluigi from the bucket. Meta Knight notices the group and activates the Star's power.

Ep. 2-7: Inside the Negative WorldEdit

The Wario Bros wake up in a negative world. All the colors are the opposite of what they should be. They walk around the Negative World to find the barrier, where their friends were at war in the previous episodes. They think that their friends might be there. They look behind the barrier, but instead of seeing their friends, they see a bunch of random creatures. There are two dragons named Shlip and Shlop, a moose named Nirby, a camel named Floopa, and a bear named Flonic. They sound just like their friends. Wario and Waluigi are creeped out by the negative animals, so they run away. They find a creature that looks like Shadow wearing a mask who's selling french fries, and they ask him if he has any left. He says that he has one fry left, and that they can have it for free because he has no use for it. Wario tries the fry, and says that it tastes negative. He spits it out. They leave the remaining piece of the fry behind an continue exploring the world. After a long time searching, they find Shlip, Shlop, Nirby, Floopa, and Flonic again. They get into a battle. Once the Wario Bros finish them off, they fade away. Wario and Waluigi see a cave and go inside. They see their friends, frozen in time. Wario hits Sonic in the face and finds Meta Knight in the cave! Meta Knight says "You're coming with me!" and jumps on the Wario Bros.

Ep. 2-8: Duel in DreamlandEdit

The Wario Bros appear in the Treehouse, and don't see their friends, who were frozen in time. But suddenly, they come crashing out of the sky and land on the ground. So, their friends aren't helping them again. Then, Meta Knight appears in the treehouse and challenges the Wario Bros to a fight. They fight until Waluigi nearly falls out of the treehouse. Wario holds on to his hand though. Meta Knight says that if Wario lets go of Waluigi's hand and lets him fall out of the treehouse, he would give him a pizza. Wario eagerly lets go, in hopes of a pizza, but it turns out that Meta Knight was lying. After more fighting, they fall out of the treehouse. Wario lands in front of all his friends, including an angry Waluigi, who is mad about how Wario let him go for a pizza. Soon, Meta Knight falls from the sky. Each member of the Wario Bros' team attempts to attack Meta Knight, but all fail, especially Sonic because he didn't even fight Meta Knight. So, it's just the Wario Bros. They are hopeless until Waluigi finds his stick from episode 2-5! He defeats Meta Knight with the stick and takes him to the Dreamland Jail. Soon, Kirby takes the Wario Bros and friends back to the Mushroom Kingdom with ease. But the Wario Bros think that Kirby could have just done that in Ep. 2-1, and didn't have to keep them in Dreamland for so long. Meanwhile, at jail, King Dedede is stuck in jail with Waddle Dee (who turned himself and his friends in) and Shadow, who are playing tag. Soon, Meta Knight comes in as their new roommate. But Meta Knight had betrayed them in Ep. 2-6, so they are furious at him! They fight for the whole time.

Season 3Edit

Ep. 3-1: Cloned!Edit

After months of doing nothing, the Wario Bros want to do something action packed like they used to. So they take a walk in the park to ease their boredom. But they end up walking into Professor E. Gadd's clone machine. the Wario Bros get cloned and the Wario's Clone and Waluigi's Clone escape. They gather their friends, and are ready to face their evil and not dumb clones! The Wario Bros and friends go to E. Gadd's labaratory to get some advice from the professor. When he is about to say how to get rid of the clones, the Wario Bros' Clones kidnap E. Gadd!

Ep. 3-2: The BetrayalEdit

The Wario Bros. and the rest decide that they must help save E. Gadd from Wario and Waluigi's clones. But first, Wario decides that they should get lunch. After the meal, Sonic went to the men's bathroom (after he accidentally went into the women's bathroom) and met the Wario Bros.' clones in a stall. They bribe Sonic with Wendy's French Fries to betray Wario and Waluigi's team, and he accepts. So, Sonic joins Wario, Waluigi, Koopa, Kirby, Flip and Flop without telling them of his choice. They go back to E. Gadd's lab to look for clues, but instead play with the inventions there. Then, the clones alert Sonic to capture Wario and Waluigi's team. Sonic pretends that there is a flying bag of Chips Ahoy (to which Waluigi corrects him that it is a box), and they all go to look at it. However, while they were looking, Sonic catches them with a plastic bag, and tells them of his betrayal. However, while escaping, he accidentally clones himself. The clone, who was actually a good version of Sonic, saved the Wario Bros. and their friends. Now, Sonic was with the clones, and his clone was with the real Wario Bros.

Ep. 3-3: Snow Falls on Forbidden ForestEdit

Wario, Waluigi, and friends find a message from E. Gadd on the computer. He tells them about a map with a path from E. Gadd's lab to the Clones' headquarters. E. Gadd then tells them it is right under the monitor. Right as the professor is about to tell the group an important message about Sonic's Clone, Wario breaks the file. Since there is no way of saving it, the Wario Bros. start on the path to a snowy area with the name scribbled out. Soon enough, they realize that this is the Forbidden Forest! They continue on their journey, finding a sled that should speed up their travel. They get on the sled, and start riding. Soon, Wario falls off the sled. Out of the corner of his eye, he notices something shiny under the snow. He digs the object out of the snow, and realizes that it is the magical Star from season 2! Wario remembers how much chaos it caused, and ponders if he should even take it. He decides to take it, but keeps it a secret. Meanwhile, the clones and Sonic realize that they're going to need some more help if they want to defeat the Wario Bros. and their friends. Sonic suggests that they should get Shadow to help. The clones agree, and go to Shadow's house. They see him playing Wii Fit, and soon being brought to tears by something completely irrational. Wario and Waluigi's clones are disappointed that Shadow is the only option. They capture Shadow, and drag him to their hiding spot. Shadow attacks the clones, thinking that they are the Wario Bros, but soon decides to join them after they reveal themselves as clones. Meanwhile, King Dedede, Meta Knight, and Waddle Dee are planning an escape route from jail. They break out the window, and go after the Wario Bros.

Ep. 3-4: Battle of the ClonesEdit

Wario, Waluigi, and the others enter a warp pipe leading to the clones' lair. They arrive, and battle the Wario and Waluigi clones, Sonic, and Shadow. However, Wario, Waluigi, and their friends lose, and the Wario and Waluigi clones take away the real Wario brothers' map. However, when Sonic feels guilty about his desicion, his clone then begins to feel evil. When Sonic then announces that he will betray the Wario bros' clones, his clone then leaves the real Wario bros. and their friends (because clones of animals, as Kirby found out, act directly opposite to their original counterparts.) Wario, Waluigi, and the rest (now with Sonic instead of clone Sonic) are forced to leave through another warp pipe. This pipe then leads them back to Dreamland, where the now-free King Dedede, Meta Knight, and Waddle Dee are waiting for a rematch. 

Ep. 3-5: Paradise? Edit

Wario, Waluigi, and the rest are forced to battle Dedede, Meta Knight, and Waddle Dee. However, like the previous battle, things don't go very well. Eventually, Dedede and Meta Knight take down Wario and Waluigi, forcing Kirby to save them. After the Wario Bros. are free, Kirby orders the rest to leave without him. Despite resistance from Wario at first, they leave, only to find themselves in an unfamiliar location. However, a Wario from the future appears in front of the group, telling them the way to the clones' lair. However, the future Wario warns the group that "a trap lies ahead" and says not to trust even their closest friends. After the future Wario leaves, the group follow the instructions he told them, leading to a house. Once they enter, they find what looks like paradise (with all the things that Wario, Waluigi, and the rest love.) However, the area is actually a trap set up by the clones, who send Shadow down to the house. As the group enjoy themselves, Koopa goes to the bathroom, only to find Shadow there. Shadow (after accidentally hypnotizing himself for a few seconds) then hypnotizes Koopa to want to stay in the house forever. But after Waluigi slaps some sense into Koopa, the effect wears off. Just as the group plans to leave, though, Shadow comes to hypnotize them all, but, once again, accidentally hypnotizes himself to fall asleep. Wario, Waluigi, and the rest then leave the house, entering a pipe that leads to the clones lair.

Ep. 3-6: Return to the Clone LairEdit

Waluigi, Sonic, Koopa, Flip, and Flop come out of the warp pipe in front of the clones' hideout only to find Wario is missing. They decide to go in anyway. Meanwhile, Wario exits a pipe in a mysterious room where a voice tells him that he must use the star to destroy the clone machine. Now knowing this vital information, Wario leaves through a pipe. Back at the clones' lair, the others encounter Clone Sonic. Sonic, outraged that the Clone Sonic had replaced him before, attacks. As the two Sonics are fighting, the Clone Wario Bros. capture Koopa, Flip, and Flop. Waluigi, though, manages to escape through a door before the clones capture him. The clones take Koopa, Flip, and Flop to their dungeon, where they meet E. Gadd. He explains to them that he created the star, but got rid of it due to its great power. He concludes that the star is the only thing that could stop the clones. Outside the lair, Waluigi hides behind a tree. Wario, back from the mysterious room, comes out of a pipe next to him and explains that he has the star and that the voice instructed him to destroy the clone machine with it. Waluigi then tells him that everyone else is trapped in the lair and that they should sneak in. They agree and leave, but after they are gone, Kirby, back from fighting off Dedede, Waddle Dee, and Meta Knight, warps to the hideout to save the day.

Ep. 3-7: The EndEdit

Wario and Waluigi continue walking to the clones' lair, but realize that they have no idea of how to use the star. After Wario smashes the star with a series of weapons, including Waluigi's stick from Season 2, the star has still mpt been activated. This sends Wario into tears, when suddenly, Kirby appears. He explains that he had come through a pipe, and that he's not sure what happened to Dedede, Meta Knight, and Waddle Dee.

Meanwhile, Dedede, Meta Knight, and Waddle Dee come out of the same pipe that Kirby did. Meta Knight notices the clones' lair in the distance, and suggests that Kirby might be in there. They walk into the lair, and because they don't know about the Wario Bros. and Sonic having been cloned, are confused about why Wario, Waluigi, and Sonic are here. The clones decide to throw him in the dungeon, like Koopa, Sonic, E. Gadd, Flip, and Flop.

In the dungeon, Koopa announces he came up with an escape plan, but adds that Sonic might not like it. They put the plan into action soon after. Sonic wears a note reading, "I'm Bait", and runs past the clones, telling them that he's escaping. Clone Wario and Clone Waluigi notice this, and tackle Sonic. Meanwhile, Dedede, Meta Knight, Waddle Dee, Koopa, E. Gadd, Flip, and Flop run for the door. When Meta Knight opens the door, he sees Clone Sonic waiting for them, who tells them to go back to the dungeon. They listen to his request and run back to the dungeon, much to Sonic's dismay.

Meanwhile, Wario and Waluigi are explaining what happened to their friends to Kirby, and mention that they found the star in the snow. Kirby recommends that Wario eat the star, since that's how he usually gets his powers. Wario is offended by the suggestion, and refuses. Kirby then says that the only other plan would be to run into the clones' lair, flail around, and hope that they somehow win out of pure luck. Wario is pleased with this idea, despite Waluigi's anger with Kirby for coming up with such an awful plan.

At the clones' lair, Clone Waluigi says that everything is going according to plan, and that he hopes Shadow will arrive soon. Just then, Shadow comes in, carrying the clone machine, which he stole from E. Gadd's lab. When the clones tell Shadow that he can't play video games with them, Shadow leaves in anger to hang out in a dark alleyway.

As soon as Shadow exits, Wario, Waluigi, and Kirby sneak in, and attempt to jump on the clones. They barely miss, and begin fighting the clones. Wario is easily defeated by Clone Wario, while Waluigi manages to fend off his clone for long enough to evacuate Dedede, Meta Knight, Waddle Dee, Sonic, Koopa, E. Gadd, Flip, and Flop. Meanwhile, Kirby, who had previously been able to fend off Clone Sonic, has now been teamed up on by Clone Sonic and Clone Waluigi. Wario has been cornered by his clone, who is now threatening to finish him off.

Wario, desperate for a solution, looks to Kirby for help. Kirby reminds him that he should eat the star. Wario, though insulted by the idea, goes along with it, and eats the star. Instantly, Wario transforms into a negative version for himself, now feeling more powerful. Kirby runs away, and joins Waluigi, Dedede, Meta Knight, Waddle Dee, Sonic, Koopa, E. Gadd, Flip, and Flop in escaping the lair.

Wario, in his new powerful form, announces to the clones that he feels a fart coming on. He points his rear end at the clones, and releases a powerful explosion from it, burning the clones, and destroying the clone machine. Wario, propelled by his fart, flies out of the clone lair and lands on the ground, losing his powers. He follows his friends, who are watching the clones' lair collapse. Now that their mission has been completed, each member of the group leaves for home, until the only ones left are Wario, Waluigi, and Sonic. Before Sonic leaves, Wario reveals to him that he had stolen his Phillies hat, and finally gives the hat back to him. Waluigi also tells Sonic that the so-called "bag" of cookies, is actually a box. Sonic yells to Waluigi that he's wrong, and runs away.

Wario tells Waluigi to go to E. Gadd's lab, and tell E. Gadd to bring his time machine. Waluigi and E. Gadd return with the time machine, and Wario announces that he has to go into the past to tell himself something. He returns to Episode 3-5, where he warns his past self not to trust his closest friends, as Koopa would be hypnotized later that episode.

Wario returns to the present, and tells E. Gadd to leave. With just him and Waluigi remaining, Wario asks Waluigi what they should do. Waluigi has an idea.

The Wario Bros. return home, and sit down with a box of Chips Ahoy! cookies, and debate about who's smarter, a very familiar moment for fans of the series.

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Ep. 1-2 TrailerEdit

This video hinted at the plot of Episode 1-2: The Waluigi Caper. It was also the first MLPB video to feature background music.

Ep. 1-5 BloopersEdit

This video was the first video uploaded to Marioluigiplushbros2, though it was originally uploaded to MLPB. It features some mistakes from Episode 1-5: The Final Battle, along with other gags surrounding the episode.

Season 3 TrailerEdit

Though there were no extras in Season 2, a trailer for the following season was uploaded soon after Episode 2-8: Duel in Dreamland, It revealed that the next season of the show would surround Wario and Waluigi being cloned, though no footage of Season 3 was used.

The Complete SeriesEdit

This video features every single episode of the series combined into a single movie, lasting over two hours.



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