Wario and Waluigi VS The Rock!
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Wario & Waluigi VS The Rock
Video Information
Video no.: 6
Idea by: MLPB
Release date: Aug. 5, 2011
Video Chronological
Shadow's Stupid Adventures Trailer
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Wario and Waluigi VS The Rock! is a 2011 MLPB video in which Wario and Waluigi try to destroy a random rock that hit them.


Wario and Waluigi are hit on the head with a rock, and try to destroy it! 


The video started where Wario and Waluigi were dancing to the Mario Bros. Theme. But then, a random rock hit them both on the head. Wario and Waluigi decided that they were going to get revenge on the rock if it was the last thing they did. 

Plan A: Fart Power - In this attempt, Wario farted on the rock. It didn't destroy it, but it made Waluigi puke because of the smell.

Plan B: Eat the Rock! - In this try, Wario forced Waluigi to eat the rock. He managed to swallow it at first, but then vomited the rock up.

Plan C: Throw Something at the Rock! - This time, the Wario Bros. decided to throw something at the rock. They saw Shadow walking by, so they threw him at it. The rock wasn't affected.

Plan D: Dart Gun - For their next attempt, the Wario Bros took out a dart gun and shot at the rock. Then, the dart gun soon malfunctioned, and started shooting at the Wario Bros.

Plan E: Ship it to Australia - In the final attempt, the Wario Bros. saw a box in the background. This gave them the idea to send the rock to Australia. They put it in the box, and they sent it away.

Now that the rock was gone they could finally get back to dancing. However, another rock came from the sky and hit them. The Wario Bros. now had to deal with another rock!

Alternate EndingsEdit

This video had two alternate endings.

Alternate Ending #1 - While the Wario Bros were trying to destroy the rock, the Mario Bros came with a gun. The Wario Bros challenged the Mario Bros to destroy the rock. They shot the rock, and it exploded into tiny pieces. The Wario Bros. were furious that the Mario Bros outdid them once again.

Alternate Ending #2 - After failing to destroy the rock, the Wario Bros began to wonder how the rock hit them. Then, Sonic came and bragged about being the one who threw the rock. Wario and Waluigi soon started to attack Sonic.



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