Wario in the Closet
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Idea by: A Wikia contributor
Release date: May 23, 2015
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Wario in the Closet is the video made by MLPB. This idea was suggested by a Wikia contributor.


While putting back a jacket, Wario gets trapped in the closet. Even more torture ensues when Sonic and Shadow join in!


This video starts with Waluigi announcing that it is Spring Cleaning Day, much to Wario's sadness. While Waluigi vacuums, he tells Wario to put back a jacket laying on the couch. However, when his back is turned, the closet door shuts behind him! He screams out the door, but Waluigi doesn't notice, instead singing while dusting off the doorknob.

Next, Wario attempts to bust down the door using various objects found in the closet, such as a shoe, a boot, a thesaurus, a hammer, and finally, a guitar. Wario then comments that he has learned that the lock is indestructable, and the closet hasn't been cleaned in a while. Meanwhile, as Waluigi cleans, he is greeted by Sonic and Shadow, who ask him if he wants to join the Church of Sonicology, a cult whose motto is "Sonic Boom is Good". Waluigi kicks them out, but instead of leaving through the front door, they accidentally walk into the closet. Sonic then says, "Wha? Is this the closet and not the front door?"

Six and a half hours later, Wario, Sonic, and Shadow are still stuck in the closet, with Sonic making jokes while Shadow laughs. Wario then accuses both of them of being delirious fools, and saying that they need to escape. Wario luckily finds his phone lying on the ground next to him, and tries to call Waluigi. He does not answer, so Wario leaves a message, yelling for help. Waluigi still does not notice.

Sonic then turns on his iPod and starts playing "Can You Feel The Sunshine?" from Sonic R. Wario screams in horror, and starts pounding against the door. He then throws Sonic at the door, which manages to send the door flying open, hitting Waluigi in the process. Wario then kicks Sonic and Shadow out of his house. The video ends with Waluigi singing and dusting with an ice pack on his head, with Wario yelling to him, "Would you butt out?!"



  • This video was the first MLPB video to be suggested on the MLPB Wiki.
  • The song Waluigi sings throughout the video is "I Wanna Be A Lifeguard" by Blotto.
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