Wario on the Treadmill!
Marioluigiplushbros video
Wario on the Treadmill
Video Information
Idea by: MLPB
Release date: Oct. 21, 2012
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New Plushes: Thwomp, Petey Piranha, Tanooki Mario, and more!
New Plushes: Tanooki Luigi and Blue Toad!

Wario on the Treadmill! is a 2012 MLPB video where Wario decides to run on a treadmill and Waluigi later joins him.


Wario and Waluigi run on a treadmill and fail miserably at it.


Wario announces that he feels like doing something peppy. He next notices a treadmill. He proceeds to start the treadmill and turn up the speed really high. Wario hops onto the treadmill, and struggles to stay on the treadmill, eventually sliding off. Wario tries once again to jump onto the treadmill, which sends him spiraling down the treadmill once again. After complaining about the treadmill being frustrating, Wario is approached by Waluigi, who tells Wario that he wants a turn at the treadmill. He is able to stay on the treadmill for a reasonably long time, but he soon trips and slides off the treadmill, begging for help as he falls. Wario and Waluigi sit at the head of the treadmill after, where Wario taunts his brother, calling him a failure. They both accidentally fall onto the treadmill, and decide to use the exercise ball instead. However, Luigi is using the ball to bounce up and down extremely fast while yelling loudly. Wario gives up on exercise, but before giving up, he throws Waluigi onto the treadmill, causing him to fall once again.


  • Wario
  • Waluigi
  • Luigi
  • Donkey Kong


  • This video was filmed by the Plush Bros. while they were on vacation.
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