Yoshi's Date
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Yoshi's Date
Video Information
Video no.: 106
Idea by: MLPB
Release date: Sept. 10, 2013 (deleted)

May 9, 2014 (reuploaded)

Video Chronological
MLPB Shout Outs 2
MLPB Easter Special 2014: Mario and Luigi's Egg Painting
Sonic Day
The Mario Show

Yoshi's Date is a 2013 (reuploaded in 2014) MLPB video featuring Yoshi and Luigi going on a double date.


Yoshi reluctantly goes on a double date with Luigi and Daisy. But what will he do when he finds out who his blind date is?


The video starts Yoshi going to hang out with Pink Yoshi, who's going to go work out, Yellow Yoshi, who's going to on a rock tour, Albert, who's busy being an exotic dancer, and Blue Yoshi, who Yoshi just pushes away because he's annoying. Luigi comes up to Yoshi to tell him that he found a girl for him, and takes him to his place. Luigi shows Yoshi a coat he got for the date, and shows Yoshi bow ties that he can wear. They get dressed, and Luigi shows Yoshi his secret weapon: Perfume. He sprays some on Yoshi, and they go pick up their dates. They arrive at Daisy's house, and Luigi introduces Daisy to Yoshi, and they go see Yoshi's date. They find Yoshi's date which turns out to be Birdo. Yoshi thinks she looks like a man, but reluctantly, they go to the restaurant. The Owl asks Luigi to take his coat, but Luigi punches him. When they get sat, Birdo starts making moves on Yoshi, and Yoshi doesn't like it and goes to Luigi, but Birdo finds him. Hank comes to take their order, and leaves. Luigi starts taking pictures of Yoshi and Birdo. Afterwards, Birdo tells Yoshi she likes him, but Yoshi says he doesn't like her, but ends up getting chased. After Hank comes with the bill, Luigi runs after them, and they all run into The Owl, and Yoshi is still getting chased, until he's cornered. Birdo hits him and leaves. Luigi comes and says that women can make you happy or sad, and says that Daisy is a wild boar, and Daisy doesn't believe Luigi, and he runs from her. Yoshi finds Luigi in a tree and tells Yoshi that Birdo and Hank are dating. Afterwards, The Owl takes Luigi from the tree. After the Gimme Thumbs, Luigi wants DK to help him, because The Owl was going to feed Luigi to his young.



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